About Once-Over

What we do

Once-Over Colorado LLC offers a variety of services to assist people and organizations in the purchasing of a residence or investment property. 


Our team of property screeners will photograph and document, in extreme detail, every part of the property and create a comprehensive report for the buyer.  We do this so you don't have to. We are your boots on the ground.

Who we serve

-Out of state and other remote investors 

-Real Estate wholesalers

-Land Lords

-New home builders

-First time home buyers

-People who work odd or long hours

-People who are just too darn busy!

Disclaimer: We at Once-Over are not building inspectors or property managers.  We are keen eyed photographers with an attention to detail and a knowledge of home remodels, design, basic construction, and custom architecture.  All assessments are strictly opinions of Once Over Colorado LLC.


How it works

Complete and send the online contact form on the Contact Us page.

We'll call you! to discuss things further.
We will schedule a date to view the property
We photograph the property. We capture as much as possible
We compile a comprehensive report of the property, documenting: Over all conditions, possible repairs, possible code violations and property layout and features.   Disclaimer>
You decide whether or not it's the right investment for you.
If you choose to purchase the property we can help you close with our loan signing service!
Once-Over has in-house Colorado State Notaries Public & Certified Loan Signing Agents

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